Heights Helpers

Heights Helpers was designed as a way to further integrate Columbia University into our surrounding community’s foundation–the kids of Washington Heights. Their aim is to start a lasting mentorship program, where they serve as not only teachers but friends and role models as well. As a club, they have just successfully completed their first semester at a local charter school, called Community Health Academy of the Heights. They had over 40 people in their

Student Professionalism & Ethics Association (SPEA)

Nov 6, 2015 - The American College of Dentists funded the CDM SPEA president to attend the Annual SPEA National Conference in Washington D.C. There were representatives from other dental schools who were from across the country. We had lectures from Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar, ADA President - Elect Dr. Carol Summerhays, Dr. Marko Vujicic, and Dr. Chris Salierno. The main topics discussed were student loans and corporate dentistry. It was a great opportunity to learn about what other SPEA chapters are doing on their campuses.

Alpha Omega (AO) & Ortho Club

Jan 28, 2016- Alpha Omega teamed up with the Orthodontic Club for a seminar on orthodontic retention, led by AO alumnus Dr. Gail Schupak. Dr. Schupak discussed different types of retention, the steps required for placement, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Receiving her Certificate in Orthodontics from the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, Dr. Schupak now maintains her own private practice and works as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU College of Dentistry in the Orthodontics Department.

International Oral Health Association (IOHA)

Oct 28, 2015 - Assistant Clinical professor Dr. Jamie Golub spoke about how her career evolved from private practice to  include global health dentistry. Fellow students Chelsea Townes and Liza Horbar also gave short student presentations detailing their experiences in the GHE program in various countries. Dr. Golub has been heavily involved with the KIDS International Dental Services Global Health Externship program and has regularly accompanied the KIDS Cambodia trip.

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CDM Club & SGA

one on one mentorship organization, and the teachers will vouch that this was a very positive and effective first semester. As they move forward, they look to gain even more tutors from CUMC to help this appreciative group of kids. they will be starting back up in early February, so if you’d like to join them, please email Scott Bueno at seb2213@cumc.columbia.edu.

Ortho Club

Mar 11, 2016- CDM students made a showing at the P.S. 107 Career Day 2016 to represent the dental profession. The Bronx elementary school students were excited to hear from CDM students, Mary Awadallah and Michael Fogge about their experience as dentists -- well, almost-dentists. The kids asked questions about why Awadallah and Fogge chose dentistry as a career, what they enjoyed about the profession, little-known or surprising facts about dentistry, how to become a dentist, and many others. The CDM students really enjoyed their time speaking with the P.S. 107 students, and, with the continued support of SGA, hope to make this a regular event for CDM to participate in.

CDM Student Business Organization (SBO)

Oct 22, 2015 - Recent alumni Dr. Alex Rubinov (Class of 2014) lead a seminar talking about the importance and proper ways of establishing professional relationships while in dental school and how they can lead to mentorship and career opportunities upon graduation. Upon completing his GPR at Bronx VA Hospital, Dr. Rubinov now works withthe Rosenthal Apa Group that practices out of Manhattan and Dubai.

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